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Hemp Jewelry

Hemp Jewelry

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Handmade Hemp Jewelry made locally in Raglan New Zealand.

Our hemp bracelets are durable and made from 100% fair trade hemp twine. Making Hemp Jewelry is an art that takes time and patience to achieve perfection. Here at Merkaba NZ we have mastered the craft and create Hemp Jewelry with love and passion. Our range covers a range of colours and is comfortable to wear anywhere. If you want a natural chill bohemian look this is the accessory you need for your outfit.   


Where does hemp twine come from? 

The stalk of the hemp plant is stripped and separated to expose the strong stringy fibres. This is then spun similar to how cotton or wool twine is made. The only difference is that hemp is far more sustainable than other plants, which makes it a really eco-friendly and sustainable twine. Hemp Jewelry is not only highly fashionable but also a product that is taking care of our earth. 

Where to wear Hemp Jewelry?

Our Hemp Jewelry come in many colours which suit any outfit. From travel wear to beach wear our Hemp Jewelry is suitble everywhere. Show you that you love nature by wearing it everywhere you go. 

Available colours:

  • Natural
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red/pink
  • Green¬†
  • Navy
  • Orange