50% Off a 25mL MERKABA Hemp Oil Bottle when purchasing a bottle of C🐝D!

Merkaba refill oil

Merkaba refill oil

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For those loving consumers that can’t seem to get enough of MERKABA’s hemp oil, here is the answer!! 250mL bottles to keep the bottle in your purse/pocket topped up, and better yet, with this now you even have a bit extra on hand to splash over your salad!! 

Merkaba’s finest seed oil can be used on salads, bread dips, smoothies, pesto, cold soup, hummus and many more types of cold foods.

Our seed is oil produced by the most natural hemp seed oil found locally in New Zealand. This is your dietary needs all contained in one bottle. 

This oil is so pure you can refill our skincare range of products too.

Contains 100% organic hemp seed oil

Not to be used as a cooking oil as smoke point of the oil is 165 degrees Celsius. To ensure maximum nutrient gain use with cold foods