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Hemp milk- The new plant-based milk alternative

If you're vegan or want a sustainable diet, you need to know about Hemp milk as its the up and coming plant-based milk that's turning heads. A dream come true for the nature lovers because its different to other plant-based alternatives. Hemp milk is made with whole hemp seed and provides you with high-quality protein along with fatty acids and healthy minerals.

What is hemp milk?

Hemp milk is known for its super health benefits. This milk is packed with omega 3 and 6, a good source of minerals and doesn’t contain lactose.

In case you don’t know how it's made, hemp milk is made by mixing the raw hemp seed harvested from the hemp plant with water. Really simple and additive-free.

You might have heard that this same plant is used to produce marijuana as well, which is true. However, the industrial variation of this plant doesn’t have the same chemical profile as medical cannabis meaning no THC or CBD. Hemp is just full of good nutrients for your body.

Once the milk is prepared it has a creamy consistency, and the flavor is nutty. You can add it in cereals, make yummy smoothies and can even make coffee.

Soon you will start seeing this on shelves next to the soy and almond milk but it's really easy to make it at home all by yourself.

How you can make your own hemp milk?

You don't need to buy this from grocery shops, because it’s extremely easy to make on your own. This is beneficial because you can avoid adding the thickeners and some ingredients that you might not like compared to the hemp milk found in the market.

All you have to do is:

  1. Take 3/4 cup of raw hemp seeds that are nearly 85 grams.
  2. Place the seeds in 2 & 1/4 cups of water and rest for 15 minutes
  3. Put the mix of seeds and water in the blender, and blend for one minute or until you find it smooth enough.

It totally depends on you if you want to add some additional flavors to it, such as sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup or sea salt.

Take a nut bag in order to strain it, you can take a thin towel as well. Once strained it ready to serve! If you made too much just refrigerate it and it can last for up to 5-6 days.

Nutrition in hemp milk:

  • Calories in hemp milk can be around 83-84
  • Carbs in the unsweetened form are 1.3 grams
  • Protein in the hemp milk is around 4.5 grams
  • Fatty acids are around 7.3 grams
  • Iron is 7%

You can make super delicious smoothies with hemp milk, and it’s absolutely vegan and healthy. Not only that you can add a small amount of hemp oil to the mix and add extra benefits. 

You should know that hemp milk gives you complete nutrition, and is full of proteins. It consists of fatty acids in a balanced ratio, omega-6, and omega-3. Along with that there are vitamins in hemp milk, such as Vitamin B, Vitamin D, A and vitamin E. Other essential minerals such as sodium, iron, and calcium and can replace cow milk. You can add it in your diet to avail the health benefits hemp seed milk has to provide you.

There is no doubt that it is extremely nutritious and can be used in several ways. Combining it with a few ingredients can make a glass of delicious smoothie, and the best part is that you can make it yourself easily.

Here is the Blueberry hemp smoothie recipe:

The Ingredients you need

  • You need to take 1 cup hemp milk 
  • You have to take 1/3 avocado
  • You must add a 1/2 cup of blueberries, it depends on your choice that you can take fresh blueberries or frozen.
  • Now the essential ingredient is 2 tablespoons hemp seeds or you can add hemp protein powder. 1 tablespoon of hemp seed oil
  • To add more taste to it you have to take 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • It is optional but if you add 1/2 tablespoon of honey then it tastes great


Here are some of the options for Add-ons:

  • You can add 1 cup of kale or add some iron source such as spinach.
  • Another option of Add-on is 1 tablespoon of coconut flakes, this adds great flavor.
  • You can 1 serving of your preferred protein or another option is green superfood powder
  • You add some flavor you can add 1 tablespoon cacao and spirulina.

The final stage:

All you have to do is that place all of the above-mentioned ingredients into a blender, choose the one with high-speed and start blending. You should be blending it until it’s done. For a high-speed blender, 40-50 seconds are enough and there you go your nice and smooth blueberry hemp smoothie is ready. It’s all vegan and healthy.

 More information about Blueberry hemp smoothie recipe:

In case you are concerned that how much nutrition and calories you are taking when you drink the smoothie, then here you go:

  • Calories intake of Blueberry hemp smoothie is around 357
  • Fats you are going to consume are around: 23g
  • The protein count is 9g
  • Carbohydrates that you will be consuming is 33g
  • Fiber intake is around 14g
  • Sugar in case you add honey then it is 16g
  • Vitamin A counts is 5% RDA
  • Vitamin C count is RDA
  • Calcium count is 35% RDA
  • The iron count is 25% RDA

 We would love to know your experience with this recipe, do try the Blueberry hemp smoothie recipe. Please do not forget to tell us in the comments section below that how did you like it? We hope that it is according to your expectation, be vegan and be happy!

Also, don't forget to pick up your hemp milk kit from our store. 


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